Structural design

Structural design services delivers offshore structural engineering services and structural analysis with high quality knowledge of industry standards, innovation, well-trained engineers and extensive domain experience. We do preliminary and detailed design projects in structural design and analysis services by various international standards. Our structural engineering team has an experience of all kind of engineering design services especially in structural design and structural analysis area with exceptional work.

Architectural Designing

Our team of professionals and Architectural works closely with the clients and analyzes the site details like area, elevation etc. and the requirements of the clients before creating a design that best uses the available space. We are well equipped with the latest resources and technology that enable us design buildings effectively within the stipulated schedule.

Interior Designing

With Interior Design we aim to provide innovative and exciting interior design solutions. Our dedicated team of professionals applies international expertise combined with local knowledge to every project. We provide contemporary design ideas that match our client’s varied styles, and provide high quality workmanship with professional and friendly project management.

Landscape Designing

In Landscape Designing the space planning is an important step in civil construction projects for improving efficiency and site appearance. With rich industry experience in this Domain, Artcon has developed expertise in space planning and its optimum utilization. We deliver reliable landscape design services.

Architectural Consultancy

We offer specially Architectural Consultancy Services on projects with varied requirements. Our Architectural Consultancy Services range from a balcony extension and refurbishment to the construction of a garden room, kitchen, bathroom and restaurant. We strive hard to meet the design & Architectural requirements of our customers. We offer our services, in the form of drawings, models and extended technical information.

Turnkey Projects

We offer turnkey projects for Architectural and Interior Design , we have complete expertise to execute these as per the specific requirements of our clients. The turnkey projects deals with the construction of homes, banks, public sector offices and MNCs. We execute the whole project from conceptualization to finishing including civil, electrical to air-conditioning and office automation works as per the requirements of the customers